Sunday, 31 May 2009


Artist: The Faces
Title: BBC Highlights 1972 – 1973

I bought this at a record show about two years ago for $5. It came in an empty slimline case with a really poor paper sticker on some CD-R. I took it home and transferred it onto one of my own Taiyo Yuden CDs and made full jewel case packing for it. I have no idea what the original source was? I am just hoping the guy at least made his rip-off boots from an uncompressed source. I haven’t listened to it on the big system or with the headphones on but it sounds questionable even through my small powered computer speakers (especially with the cymbals). I guess if you want it and haven’t found it anywhere else, this will be as much a treat for you as it was for me. Anyway, I love The Faces and this is a real nice collection of highlights from the BBC Paris recordings of 1972-1973. Hope you enjoy!